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8 Courses to Learn Android App Development for Beginners

What is android app development?

The present is very different from the past due to the innovation we have seen in technology since the start of the 21st century. The great advancement introduced the general public to the world of applications. 

What started off as a few widgets to help people with basic functions like notes and alarms quickly turned to more complex tasks. Not only was the technology advanced, but the people began to understand its uses. 

Thanks to the many skilled android app developers, it was clear that users would receive a great user interface and would be able to have a great time using the applications. However, the question on everyone’s mind is what exactly android app development is? Currently, there are two major platforms that make the majority percentage of mobile application users. 

The iOS vs. Android has been a debate that has been going on for well over a decade. Android is one of the best platforms to be developing for as it means access to a much larger user count. Each person has a mobile phone account for being a potential user of your application. 

By learning android app development, you can develop a platform that has users all over the world while at the same time facing fewer restrictions from the developing platform. You have a lot more control over your application and have many more advantages. 

Android app development enables you to work on an application in many different categories. From simple applications such as torch and alarm to many complex applications such as mobile games, you can work on your passion and expand to cater to many users. 

Why should you learn android app development? 

Why should you learn android app development 

The world has quickly turned its ways in many different formats. It is essential that we stay updated on the new ways, which is why learning android app development is essential. 

There are many advantages of learning this new form of art that has enabled a lot more users to access products or services. Once you know what applications are and how they have impacted the lives of nearly every mobile user. 

You will be able to understand the reasons why you should be learning android app development. There are a lot of mobile users in the world. Mobile phones are simple devices that can communicate with other mobile phone holders. 

However, with the introduction of applications, mobile phones turned into complex devices. Soon it became clear that mobile phones had taken over the world and had made permanent roots in the life of all their users.

The many applications are much more popular on the Android platform as it has much fewer rules and regulations for developers. There are also a lot more users on the android platform, making it the right choice for you to learn android app development. 

Except for the high pay scale being a developer offers, there are additional advantages that will enable you to have a much better future. At first, the android application development world is still developing and expanding as more and more users are being introduced to the new world.

 It allows you to be the best in an evolving field and engage a lot more users with your expertise and creativity. There are a lot more users, which will allow you to have a wide range of potential users for your application. 

By learning android application development, you will be able to learn many essential languages that will open a wide range of options for you. As the industry is still fairly new and has a lot of demand in the market, you can rest assured that you will always have access to a lot of people looking to hire you. 

You will get a lot of creative tasks and projects and will also have the option to have your own business. This job provides you with the necessary skills to climb the corporate ladder and very quickly lead your own team. 

When it comes to job security, there hardly is another profession that provides such security with rising demand. You can show off your creativity and skill at this job to impress the clients at any mobile app development services.  

Eight Courses that Can Help you Learn Android App Development

learn android app development

Android App Development is not as easy as it sounds. If you are reading this article, the chances are that you are still making up your mind on whether to become a developer. The many advantages will definitely make you consider it as a career option. 

As a beginner, you can consult these eight courses that can provide you with the perfect first step to becoming an application developer. According to best web development agency, these courses are perfect for you to learn all the essentials as a beginner developer.

1- Google Developers Training

The course is the perfect free introduction to the world of android development. The course is based on 3 hours and allows the user to learn the basics of Android and the Android platform along with the functions of the studio. 

2- Coursera – Java for Android 

The course itself is free on Coursera. However, you need to have Coursera monthly subscription in order to access it. It is a beginner’s course that focuses on using Java for android app development

3- Udacity

Based on 60 hours of lectures to provide you with detailed information on all the basics of android development, you can learn all that you need to from Udacity. The course is free and ranges from beginner to intermediate, providing you with the perfect transition to developing applications yourself. 

4- Udacity – Nanodegree program by google

The Nano degree program is costly in comparison but has had great results and has a good track record of teaching its users all the basics of Android. It also allows amazing user experience and understanding of android app development. With this course, you will be able to learn all the basics in a short span and have the best understanding. 

5- Udemy – Complete Android Course

A course that is based on over 32 hours and is worth just under 120 dollars provides you with all the essentials that you need to know as a beginner. The course is brilliant and well-rated, providing you with a perfect opportunity to learn effectively. 

6- Team Treehouse

An amazing course that teaches you the perfect way to understand the fundamentals of android app development along with the way in which you can build a simple application. This will surely give you a better idea of what you are working with. 

7- Coursera – Android App Specialization

The duration of this course is five months and is suitable for beginners that slowly wish to learn the foundations of android app development. You can be sure that with this free course, you can understand the core that makes up android development. At the same time, you will also be able to learn how to test code and make sure that your application is flawless. 

8- Android O and Java

You don’t need any coding experience initially to learn how to code in Java; this way, you can understand the best way to understand the basics of android app development. The course itself costs just over a hundred dollars and has been reviewed as the best to solve all necessary queries when it comes to android app development.

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