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5+ Best Tools To Add Facebook Reviews On Website

With the burgeoning popularity of social media platforms and half of the global population as active users, it has grown the potential to reach out to people living in different parts of the world.

It has increased the opportunities for business to promote their products and services on different social media channels.

Facebook is one of the social media channels that have changed the way people get to socialize with each other.

It helps people to get social, but it also increases the potential for marketers to run their marketing campaigns using Facebook as the major source.

The recent trend to leverage social media marketing is about embedding social media content like images, videos, gifs, and other visuals on the website to enhance visitors’ experience on the website.


But Why Facebook Reviews On Websites?


Facebook Reviews

Facebook has reached the top-notch place inside the social media market with the biggest number of user and social media content contributors worldwide. It has proven to be the best social media platform for marketing and promotion, reaching the target audience.

Facebook is highly popular for reviews and recommendations as it gives authentic content to new customers looking for real customer reviews.

You can use these Facebook reviews to embed on your website, which will add a step further to enhance your marketing approach.

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Embedding Facebook reviews on the website retrieves numerous benefits to your business, like increased audience engagement, building trust, unique content, and more conversions from new users.


But how will you embed these Facebook reviews into your website? The one and easy solution for this is to collect Facebook reviews and paste them into your website.

You can do this manually, but it will consume lots of your time and efforts as only one review can be pasted at a time without any customization or change in layout designs.

To make your Facebook review embedding process easy, effective for your business. You can use the Facebook Review Widget to enhance the process of collecting and displaying multiple Facebook Reviews at one time and transform them into beautiful designs for your website.


There are several Facebook Review tools available in the market, but it can be an overwhelming task to choose the best Facebook Review tool for your business.

So here in this article, we will tell you about more than the five best tools to embed Facebook Review on your website.


5+ Tools To Add Facebook Reviews On Website


#1 Taggbox Widget


Taggbox Widget, also popularly known as social media aggregator, is an all-in-one solution for collecting and embedding creative user-generated content.

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With Taggbox Widget, you can collect social media content from multiple channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, etc.


It gives your various customization options in which you will get several themes to represent your Facebook Reviews in the best possible style and remove the content that is not suitable for your website.

#2 EmbedSocial


EmbedSocial offers you features and functionalities to collect and display social media content from multiple sources in an easy curation process.

With EmbedSocial, you can connect your Facebook account or business page and collect different Facebook content types with a single click.


It will diligently collect all the reviews available on your Facebook page and offer you the functionality to add Facebook reviews on your website using various themes and layout designs that best suits your website design.


#3 SnapWidget


SnapWidget is popular with user-friendly functionality, allowing anyone to create and collect Facebook posts or content easily.

With SnapWidget, you can exhibit your Facebook reviews in an attractive photo gallery and create artistry work with Facebook reviews to grab their attention and enhance your website visitors’ dwell time.


#4 is another tool that allows you to artistically collect and present Facebook reviews on your website.

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Facebook has also integrated with several social media platforms so that you can collect multiple posts from different social media channels.


#5 SociableKIT


SociableKIT is another efficient tool to collect, design, and add Facebook Reviews on the website automatically.

It will give you professional and smooth functionality to create a Facebook Review Widget and embed it in a single click, which saves time and effort so that you can focus on other marketing strategies as well.


#6 Facebook Reviews


Above mentioned are the best tools available in the market to add Facebook Reviews on the website. So now, let’s talk about Facebook’s tool, that is, the Facebook Review tool.

Facebook officially launches it to help business or Facebook page owners collect their Facebook reviews and embed them on their website to increase their audience engagement and connect them with their Facebook page directly.


Wrapping Up!


One can undeniably agree that social media platforms play a huge role in improving marketing, SEO and increasing their relationship with potential customers. Facebook is the major social media platform among all and creating a huge difference in social media marketing.

From promotions, customer relationship management to building trust, Online review, Facebook is offering multiple benefits to business owners.

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