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Content Marketing For Remote Company – Best Ideas To Check

Remote working, in the last year, has seen a magnificent surge due to the coronavirus lock downs. The time when the earth stopped and runways clogged was the time when businesses saw a 360-degree turn. A lot stopped, and a lot started happening.

Amid this all, marketing business was still necessary to sail in the ocean and survive the challenging times.om

Since the patterns of dealings have changed, and so has the customer behavior, many companies today have plans to remain working from home or shift their traditional company to a remote company and wipe out its physical presence.

Content Marketing For Remote Company

With more than 25% of bricks and mortar companies planning to shift permanently to remote companies, content marketing has become demanding yet exhilarating. What previously was the master has no worth now and what then was of no value has significant value today.

In such times, companies begin struggling. They fright what tactics will move them forward and what will take them to rear. But what remains constant are certain approaches that can get them on the right track and build a successful remote team.

If your business embraces these tricks, no epidemic can stop you from being an effective remote company.

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Content Marketing Ideas For Remote Company

Here are the content marketing ideas you can employ in your remote business and make a robust rapport with your potential clients resulting in increased sales and better Return on investments.

·        Write Blog Posts

The ever-present and evergreen tactic that still works and works best is writing blogs. Blogs take no money, only your skill and time, actually some good time, and you are good to go.

Blogs posts are the best solution to many business-related questions and are capable enough to answer all the FAQs your clients may have. You can also put in your brand story and tell your customers what snags you faced during the pandemic and your next goal.

hubspot stats

The more valuable content your blog has, the more targeted customers it will pitch to. If you are new to writing blogs, start with your introduction and recognize yourself. If you’re not new, work on customer retention too, not only new customers.

For blogs to be well-off, add an engaging transcript. Also, make sure the infographics you are using are relevant and accurate and offer value to your readers.

However, your content must not have complex sentences and avoid gibberish words. Ensure whatever you write is accessible and easy to find; otherwise, your blog won’t be able to make it to the higher ranks.

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·        Create Infographics

There’s no denial of the fact that Infographics get better traffic than text because people preserve 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. According to a study, humans also process images faster than texts, and that’s the reason they retain infographics better than writings.

Adding Infographics to your content represents how your brand’s style is and reflects your values. This way of connecting to your audience generate a better customer seller relationship and augments the merit of your content.

However, focus on adding sophisticated yet straightforward Infographics. Pay no attention to multifaceted facts; instead, add substantial proofs and stats with engaging visual and embedded links. You can also include grids and graphs to make it more insightful.

·        User-Generated Content

User-generated content can be one of the best tactics to enhance customer loyalty and amplify your sales. The substance written by the general public helps the business best to promote its brand and bring significant leads that later turn into customers and market your product.

You can ask your favorite clients to write a matter for you, and in return, you can offer them some gift that will help your customer retention program.

importance of UGC

This effortless scheme can include your customer reviews, the photos clicked by them and the recommendations where they suggest your brand. All these pieces caton be sorted and re-posted on your account to boost your prospect’s confidence and fetch great leads.

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But make sure all the user-generated content is high in quality. The texts you are utilizing should be well written with no grammatical errors, and the picture should be clear and not pixelated.

·        Incorporate Videos

Since video is continuing to grow as a separate marketing line, you cannot neglect how important it is in the field of content marketing. Videos keep your visitor wholly engaged and are excellent in teaching, instructing and showcasing.

You can leverage the power of this route and add tutorials and lessons in the easiest and comfiest way possible. Videos are beneficial to your customers when you don’t have a physical store and allow them to learn operations without difficulty and quickly with no complications.

Via video, you can introduce your brand, market your product and reveal your sales. You can also hold competitions online by telling the objective in your films. To make the most out of social channels and videos, go for Facebook and Instagram live. Target your consumers where they engage with you the most.

·        Host Virtual Workshops

Virtual workshops are an attractive way to reach out to your audience. Provide them with a zoom or online meeting link and introduce them to your remote company. Ask your employees to tell about their job area, ask them to engage with the audience and arrange some celebrity talks.

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virtual hosting

These virtual workshops can be educational or wholly entertaining. Go for what suits your business best. At the end of the session, you can also provide your audience with a token of appreciation in the form of e-certificates.

This technique might not bring you immediate sales but guarantees customer retention. There will come a time when your attendee will come back to you to buy from your store.

·        Maintain Solid Online Presence

Having a healthy social media presence is crucial. And, if you are a remote company, you can not overlook it. Many people think businesses can only use these channels for advertising purposes, but if you think of a broader horizon, you can transport your followers to your website or blog with just a few clicks.

Posting on online channels can provide you with some thriving profits. Add good content to your social account and see the results yourself. It’s not necessary to post daily and spend a lot of time there. You can add the post twice a week or hold polls and competitions once a week; that’s enough to gain some great benefits.

·        Introduce Podcast

Podcast are gaining significant importance amid the pandemic. When there was no one interested in listening to educational talks, today, millions of people are interested in knowing how people came over their challenging times.

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introducing podcasts

Podcast are engagement between two parties where they share their challenges, overcomes, fears, etc. You either choose a public figure or a neutral who can tell about their daily routine and relate with other citizens.

To increase the engagement and make your podcast fruitful, you can start live calls too.

·        Share BTS

Who doesn’t like BTS? No one, actually. People love to see what goes behind the bars of top-notch companies and how the forces work. Showcasing the BTS of your remote team will be a completely new idea in the industry and will bring you some outstanding traffic.

You can show how the day and nights of your remote teams are. Give them an exclusive look at your employees’ workstations and drive some excellent customer seller communication. This disclosing can increase your reach and bring you more followers. However, don’t forget to save this revealing in your highlight section.

Telling and showcasing your customers how your remote team works increases their trust in your brand and bring significant leads and conversions.

·        Utilize High-Value Hashtags

Never neglect to add high-volume Hashtags in your social media post. This tactic increases your reach, brand visibility, and your prospects will find it easy to locate you.

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instagram hashtags

Detect what Hashtags have low competition and offers high value. The trending hashtags can also increase your prominence but make sure there’s not much saturation; otherwise, your post might get lost.

You can also produce your own hashtags if you are new to the market or holding a considerable level of competition. However, never use a single hashtag. Instead, add a diverse set of it so you can appear better on search engines.

For instance, if you provide academic writing services, you can create Hashtags like buy assignment online, coursework services, online academic writing, etc.

However, remember, a diverse set doesn’t mean a plethora of Hashtags. Three to five couples are good to go.

Content Marketing Tips For Remote Company

After the ideas, here are some best content marketing tips for your remote company.

·        Understand Your Audience

Before any advice you can proceed with, know who your audience is and what they expect. When you generate the content, it’s essential for you to be aware of what your prospect is interested in and what will gain their attention.

understanding audience

Write blogs and content that draws your audience attention. Add in relevant images, interactive Infographics and engaging prose, so your prospect finds it relatable and can retain it.

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·        Make Connections

Good rapport is necessary to bring substantial leads and generate meaningful sales. This relation can also be augmented through collaborations. Pool resources with influencers and act with them as a team. You provide them with your product, and they offer you their followers; together, this can extract some excellent prospects for your remote business.

make connections

Always look after the influencers who suit your niche best, observe how their audience is connecting to them and if you see any hope for great leads, pitch those influencers and employ them to your team.

·        Make Boring Attracting

Boring content will be the first put-off towards the failure of your content marketing strategy. To win your prospects and bring significant leads, ensure the body of your content is appealing.  Find unique ways and amalgamate them with your content.

Making unexciting content fascinating needs efforts. Don’t overlook them. Go a mile beyond your plan and add remarkable records. You can also add fun facts and make your content interesting.

Despite this, make sure not to add repetitive sentences; instead, add enlightening content with educational and entertaining elements.

·        Hint The Next Secret Of Your Campaign

To make sure your customer comes back to you, add in the hints of your next move. See what your audience is more interested in and plan your next step according to it.

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You can also mention a secret that your readers can’t miss out on. For instance, if you provide SEO services, you can pen down your favorite keyword research tools. These tactics augment customer loyalty and generate leads to convert into customers.

·        Broaden Your Horizon

Always follow your plan but never stick to it. Narrow down the objectives you want to address, but don’t limit what you will add to them. Play around with your topic and add assortments of different subjects.

You can still be glued to your theme and address different areas simultaneously but make sure to don’t go out of your doors. Play around but remember that at the end, you have to return to your home. Every discipline you add should focus on your objective, and yes, relatability is the key.

If your content is irrelevant, you might lose the prospect even before fetching it.

·        Don’t Provide Answers, Provide Solutions

Most businesses focus on providing answers to prospects question, but it’s a bad practice. To thrive in the saturated market, you must provide solutions to your prospects problems. Look what setbacks they have and lift their snags.

·        Outstand Your Competitors

Since the covid pandemic made remote working elemental, you won’t be the only company shifting permanently to remote work. There will be more participants outshining their opponents, which you must beat to make robust footprints.

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Outstanding or spying on the competitors not only means playing dares with your business rivals, but it also offers opportunities to perceive what the market is producing and what makes their content unique.

·        Monitor Your Progress

Last but not least, after you have leveraged these tips and implemented all your ideas, monitor your growth against your goals. Analyze if the tactics you have employed are progressive for you or you still need to iterate.

Don’t only study the volumes; monitor your overall performance. If affairs are going well, continue shining and if not, try to revise them to make your strategy more effective.


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