Few Must Have Features to Make A Mobile App Successful

Smart phones are addition

The number of hours an average person spends on using a smartphone is increasing day by day and by the end of each year be observe the total daily smartphone usage by an average person has gone up. Nowadays we are using technology which is getting more and more sophisticated and the number of tasks we can get done just by using our smartphones has increased and is expected to increase even more in the future which means that the smartphone usage time per day by an average user will be even higher by the end of this year as compare to what it was last year.

​mobile apps are the future

Keeping the growing use of smartphones in mind business organizations of all sizes are delving into the development of mobile apps that will cater to the needs of the average user. This has not only made the mobile app development into a huge industry which is capable of earning enormous amounts of revenues but also has made the mobile app development market quite competitive. 

The combined number of mobile apps available on Apple’s app store and Google play today are crossing four million in number and this number is projected to go even higher in the future. This only means one thing for mobile app developers all over the world and that is that the competition is only going to get tougher as time passes and it will become more and more difficult for mobile app developers to attract and retain users in the future.

app development in Australia

According to a survey done by an app developers agency in Australia an average mobile app user is likely to get attracted to install and use the app based on its meaningful and genuine idea that provides value to its users that’s worth it. The app developers agency Australia also came up with a report that suggested mobile app developers on the kind of features they can incorporate in their mobile apps to give their mobile apps a higher chance of being downloaded, installed and used. And some of these features are listed below:

Social media Integration

 These days the social media platforms are something that most of the public is using and is passionate about so if you integrate your mobile app with social media that will help your users not only sign up and register easily but also every user will serve as a tool marketing your mobile app with the rest of the world. Users can share the link to your mobile app on their social media account and this is something that you must have noticed when using Facebook as well. This social integration helps your users to stay engaged with your mobile app while acting as promoters for your mobile app. This is an amazing feature that every mobile should have to keep their audiences interested at all times.

Minimized hassle

 Most of the users download and install the mobile app but the trouble for most of the mobile app developers is that they are unable to retain their users for a longer period of time. This retention can be for longer periods of time can happen if the mobile app developers focus on making the mobile app that is not a hassle for its users to use. Mobile app developers can reduce the amount of unnecessary things to do in the mobile app for its users making the mobile app much less of a hassle for the users. This will ensure a higher chance of retention by your mobile app users.

Inclusion of Analytics

Many people use mobile apps for business reasons for example there are tons of people using Instagram for their businesses. Now, I’m using Instagram as an example here because if you start a blog on Instagram and gather a following your Instagram account or profile will give you an option to analyze your business figures. In case of a blog the analytics will help figure out what types of posts you are making that are getting the most attention and also will breakdown the number of views you are getting at what times of each day.


You can also find out how much activity you have made on which day plus the time you spend each day using your account. A feature like this is very appealing for small business startups because this helps them track their performance therefore this is a must have feature for mobile apps.