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Work on E-commerce SEO to grow in all seasons

SEO and e-commerce : what are the aspects to evaluate? The boom in consensus that the e-commerce sector is experiencing , especially in this complex and pandemic era, shows no sign of abating: indeed. Managing a platform of this type, given the growing competition , becomes increasingly difficult. It is necessary to proceed in the wake of a detailed planning . The latter must take into account fixed appointments and recurring events: let’s see how to intercept them using SEO .

Global initiatives encourage (cyclically) shopping

We know how much the way of shopping has changed , especially in recent times. The real and physical shop windows , today ‘in the sights’ of Covid 19, are flanked and often replaced by the digital ones of e-shops.

Shopping times have also changed: shopping, seen as an interlude of absolute relaxation, takes place in the evening after dinner. That is, when traditional shops are closed. For a company, connecting these two worlds is essential, in order to bypass the moment of difficulty .

A whole series of events take place throughout the year . The goal is to encourage purchases , so they can (and should) be properly exploited . The reference is, first of all, to global initiatives such as that of black friday and cyber monday.

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Together with the many events related to holidays and established customs (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and so on). In these periods we go in search of occasions and opportunities to give gifts or buy essential goods at advantageous prices (primarily food, furniture, clothing).

Initially, Black Friday was limited to 24 hours of crazy discounts and unmissable promotions. Then we moved on to talk about the ‘black friday week’ to end – in fact – to see the flourishing of offers linked to this event in the entire month preceding it.

The combination of SEO and e-commerce can be used to increase sales in the key weeks . Just start planning the strategy well in advance and create captivating landing pages designed for the specific appointment (net of any investments in digital advertising ).

SEO and e-commerce: telling the brand over time to develop a bridge of trust

It is necessary to be able to ‘tell’ the brand long before offering promotions and discounts : correctly positioning the portal on search engines will allow it to be intercepted by those users who are looking for goods and services through the keywords used for the optimization strategy.

The brand will thus be known and appreciated by users, who will develop a greater sense of trust . The design and construction of a site, carried out following the diktats of technical SEO, allow you to differentiate the portal from that of other competitors . It is clear that optimization must continue constantly, responding to doubts and ever new questions that users make clear thanks to queries (the search engine query).

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SEO and e-commerce: the importance of mixing user experience, quality content and optimization

SEO in e-commerce is an activity that cannot be carried out only in the immediate vicinity of the key dates (when sales are expected to surge). First of all, you need to make sure that the most interesting web pages , both inside and outside e-commerce, are optimized and updated for a satisfying shopping experience .

It is necessary to check the links , making sure that there are no interrupted ones, in addition, it is necessary to emphasize the concept of user experience (usability, navigability, page loading speed) and optimize the calls to action within the landing pages .

The contents play a crucial role : you have to update them and make sure they are original and valuable. These are steps that are all very important so that online advertising campaigns are performing during major shopping events.

What does the user need on the Net ?

He wants to understand what kind of salesperson and company he is facing, so as to decide whether to rely on his products and services .

The path that people find themselves on is therefore extremely long and articulated: it does not resolve itself in the search for the moment , linked – for example – to black friday (periods in which there is also a bombardment of announcements and special offers).

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It is precisely by resorting to SEO in e-commerce in the long term that it becomes possible to create a bridge between seller and buyer that is always practicable and, indeed, safe.

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