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E-mail Marketing for Real Estate | Successful Tips 2021

Bet on our tips to make E-mail Marketing campaigns that really sell.

More visibility for your real estate agency!

The digital transformation innovated in all sectors, including rudn enclave islamabad. Now, you can take advantage of digital marketing to attract more buyers and increase sales.

Among one of the successful strategies that provide positive returns to companies is email marketing. Do you want to find out how to apply this action in your business? Follow the article!

Real Estate Market

The housing market suffered a setback due to sudden changes brought about in 2020 due to the new Coronavirus pandemic .

However, in 2021, it is already showing signs of growth and the expectation is that it will be around 2.75% per year.

The good news is that, despite the results, the digital transformation had a positive impact on the sector. Brokers have adopted the home office model and consumers have started to experience new shopping journeys, even more digital.

Importance of Marketing Actions for Real Estate

Social distancing has increased the practice of online searches. With this, Marketing actions become even more relevant and necessary for real estate companies . After all, it is necessary to be present where the public is and offer the answers that consumers are looking for.

These actions are even more important if we consider them to be more financially advantageous and have great assertiveness, if handled correctly.

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Let’s consider FG Empreendimentos and Embraed Empreendimentos , which sell high-end properties, for example. For the email marketing strategy to be effective it is necessary to send content to the right target audience, that is, people with more purchasing power.

By performing this segmentation, it is possible to optimize financial resources and achieve better results.

5 Tips for Applying Email Marketing to Real Estate

Now that we know more about the advantages of digital marketing actions for real estate companies, it’s time to find out how to do e-mail marketing in an assertive way. Check out our tips:

1. Build a qualified email base

The contact base is fundamental to email marketing strategies. However, it is not enough to send emails to anyone, it is necessary to have a qualified base. That is, people who are really interested in buying real estate.

To create the email base, you can use forms on Developing a website is a big task, and maintaining is even bigger. We specialize in making the maintenance of your website, where people enter their data to:

  • Contact the service channel;
  • Receive something in return, such as an e-book or infographic;
  • Register to participate in an event;
  • Request real estate budget and more

Also, keep the database updated for better quality. Delete contacts that do not interact with the content sent or send emails asking if the user wants to continue receiving your communications.

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golden tip: never buy ready-made email lists, as they can trash your strategy.

2. Segment the leads

Segment your leads according to your goals, persona affinity and stage of the purchase journey.

Thus, you will be able to produce more personalized emails and, consequently, greater chances that the email will be opened and bring the desired result.

For example, an email to a lead who has just signed up must be different from the one sent to a customer who has visited properties before.

3. Produce quality content

You need to offer more information than just promoting real estate. So use the space to promote knowledge and solutions to your audience.

Feed your email base with informative content about the sector, opportunities and news in the segment. Invest in lead relationship and engagement.

4. Caprice in the “Subject” field

This field is decisive for opening your email, so be careful. It is recommended to use mental triggers that induce action.

Also, bet on persuasive copywriter language to get the reader’s attention and avoid terms like “promotion” to avoid falling into spam.

5. Do A/B tests

The idea is to create two different types of emails and fire them to each half of your lead base. Thus, you can identify which language, CTA and subjects give more results.

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With actions like this, you’ll know each time what attracts and engages your audience. Email marketing campaigns will be increasingly assertive.

online advertisement in real estate

Monitor the results

Monitoring your results will help you identify the strategies that work best for your goal and highlight what needs to be optimized to get more results.

In addition, if you identified that a customer closed a purchase or visited the stand through an email marketing campaign, bet on promotional gifts.

Presenting the customer with personalized pens, for example, is a way to promote personalized service that causes a good consumer experience.

Put the tips into practice!

The email marketing is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers and your potential audience.

Through this strategy it is possible to increase traffic to your real estate website and leverage with sales. In addition to being able to monitor and follow up on whether the results were achieved.

By defining the most suitable objective for your real estate company, it is possible to assess whether the strategy is working or whether it is necessary to make changes in the course of action.

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