Free Policy

Just what do you suggest “Free”?

Just what we imply is, you don’t need to bother with disk storage space or network transfer when your site gets preferred.

You DO still need to bother with lots of various other things though … if your site isn’t well maximized as well as is causing concerns for others on your shared server (either because it’s pounding the CPU, grabbing all of RAM, or doing heaps of disk I/O), you could be asked to enhance your site efficiency or find a hosting solution carrier.

Count on us, every host around has specifically the same restrictions … we’re just aiming to be direct about the concerns.

Just what concerning data sources?

You’re certainly permitted 1 MySQL database with 1 site, and in the passion of server security we ask for that you attempt to maintain them correctly and no bigger compared to a few GB in size.

… and also email?

The Free Policy doesn’t relate to email. Any new email addresses will certainly have a 500MB limit, and we’ll be implementing these limits on all accounts if it leaves hand!

Free SSL”

Free SSL are Provided by “Lets Encrypt” we just help you get a complimentary certification for your internet site when you join us. We have no affiliation or monetary relationship with them. You as a client could utilize their solutions according to their terms mentioned here

We completely as well as totally disclaim any injury loss or various other concerns that could or could not develop from their services. Please do read their policies and terms and after that ask us to release the free SSL certifications on your site. Without your permission the certification will certainly not be applied.

Free CDN Cloud flare

Free CDN Basic service is given by Cloud flare and also utilized globally by millions of internet sites. We assist you to setup cost-free basic CDN that could accelerate your site for better efficiency. We are nowhere associated with or have any type of association or monetary arrangement with their solution as well as this application depends on you to approve or reject. When you approve to use cloud flare on your site Please note that you are accepting their terms of service pointed out below. We will use fundamental cost-free Cloud flare solution upon your request.

much more can be figured out at

Just what’s not allowed “Free”?

Basically, sites whose essential objective is to use disk or bandwidth. When making a web site, you should be thinking of “Just how can I make an intriguing site for my visitors while minimizing my server storage, data transfer, documents system, memory, as well as cpu impact as long as feasible?”

The result will be a far better experience for your site visitors, your web-hosting, as well as yourself!

Below are some details examples of points not permitted:

– Copyrighted material to which you do not hold usage or distribution rights.

– Documents upload/ sharing/ archive/ back-up/ matching/ distribution websites.

– A site produced mainly to drive web traffic to one more site.

– Making your account sources offered (whether totally free or pay) to the public.

Guru Web Developers books the right to remove information stored on our web servers that violates any one of the terms in the Free Policy, as well as, usually, in our Terms of Service. Guru Web Developers has single discretion to determine exactly what does, as well as does not go against either policy.

Hey, that does not sound very “Free” to me!

In fact, for you, my dear Legitimate Site User, it is Free.

This whole page is just to introduce to the much less than 1% of individuals who want to try and also run free porn associate sites or anime video trading discussion forums or host pirated slits of The Dark Knight on Guru Web Developers that we’re not having any.

However our pledge to you is,  we will do our best to always keep your website, UP as well as Running.

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We at Guru Web Developers want to serve more and more people with our innovative technology. We request you to please note that that every website that uses our free services will be bound to hold a mandatory link in the footer. This link will be as following

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Please note that when you signup for, or use any free services provided by us,  you are agreeing to the free policy agreement and all terms and conditions mentioned on our portal.


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