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Great Tricks To Get More Views On IGTV

When talking about the best updates of Instagram, IGTV stands among the most-loved ones so fat. Earlier in the past, people were not allowed to upload a video more than 60 seconds on Instagram, but it’s not possible with IGTV. It’s surely the game-changer for the content creators who are masters at creating long videos. It allows the Instagram users to take advantage of videos in a completely different way than ever before.

Are you also planning to get started with IGTV and want to gain the maximum views and likes on your videos, here is a complete guide on the tricks that is sure to help you attract the audience.

Promote Videos on Insta Stories

When you upload a video on IGTV, why not tell people about it? Well, the best and quick way to do this is to send out an “Insta Story” at the time you upload an IGTV video. It doesn’t take much efforts as Instagram has made this step easier too. You just need to select the option to send “Stories” while you are uploading your video to IGTV. You must take a screenshot of your IGTV video that will be displayed on your “Insta Story”.

The experts claim that IGTV is an amazing upgrade from Instagram. In case you are not able to view this feature on your Instagram app, you must update your Instagram now to check out its benefits. To gain more views on your IGTV videos, you can try adding hashtags to your Story, which will help promote your videos with more people and stretches your reach easily. There is also an option available to create a small teaser of your IGTV video so give a glimpse to the target audience about it on your “Insta Stories”. In simple words, sharing and promoting your IGTV videos on Insta Stories ensures that your videos reach to maximum numbers of audiences, making it a great hit.

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Promote on Instagram Live

Another great thing you can try to make your IGTV videos reach out to the maximum numbers of audiences is to promote it on Instagram live, which is one of the best options as you can talk about your IGTV videos while making the regular live video. There are many ways you can promote your IGTV videos on Instagram live such as talking about the topic on which your video is based on or you can simply share some important points about the IGTV video on the Instagram live video.

There is also an option available to add a ‘Call to Action” button to make your target audiences aware about the latest topic of your IGTV video. You can add a URL on the call to action button, just like adding a link in YouTube video to promote another video so that more and more people can reach out to your videos.

Promote on your Email

For a long time now, Email Marketing has been a proven method to reach out to maximum numbers of audiences to increase engagement. This also serves great when it comes to getting more views and likes on your IGTV videos. When you already know that your target audience is there on email, why not to make it easier for them to have a look at what you have on your IGTV account. Email not just lets you share more and more your IGTV content, but also you can ask the recipients to share your videos with their contacts and content to a large number of people. Here are some of the reasons you must promote your IGTV videos on your Email-

  • When you share IGTV videos on your email, you show that they are special and valuable for you. If they find it informative, they will definitely share it with their contacts.
  • Email marketing serves as a great opportunity to connect with your email subscribers.
  • By sharing your IGTV videos on email, you show to Instagram that you are making your best efforts to promote IGTV. This helps with you IGTV algorithm that will increase the viewers on your video soon.
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Buy IGTV Views

If you have no time to spend on sharing your IGTV content on social media or any other platform, but still you want to gain maximum views and likes on your IGTV videos, you can simply choose to buy IGTV Views and buy Instagram live video views to make the most of your efforts for creating the IGTV and Instagram videos. This helps you reach out to maximum numbers of audiences without any manual efforts.

There are many online platforms where you can buy IGTV Views or buy Instagram live video views, but it’s important to pick the platform that is reliable and trustworthy so that you can be sure about your investments and safety of your account. This is even more important when you have a huge fan following on Instagram. Simply go with the ones that are recommended by others to buy IGTV Views so that you are dealing with a platform that has been already tried and tested by others.

Wrap Up

Creating IGTV videos is a great way to share your ideas with the people who are actively participating on Instagram shares. But it’s not just enough to create great content, you also want to make sure that the people online are aware about what you have created. You want to ensure that your idea and the content reaches out to maximum numbers of audiences, for which we have listed above different strategies that you can opt for to promote your IGTV videos online.

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Getting more and more views or likes on your Instagram or IGTV videos is your own way of being and that you are going to achieve that above all else through determination and hard work. So, go ahead and make the most of your investments of efforts for creating IGTV videos online.


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