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How Facebook Widget Can Help To Boost Website Performance

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the whole world! Over the last decade, it has advanced itself a lot. Now, a large part of the online marketing world relies upon Facebook for brand sales and promotions.

The star feature of Facebook is that it contains a diversity of visuals like images, videos, reviews, lives, etc. This feature makes it more marketable. If you’re a brand and have been wondering how you can increase the overall performance of the website, then Facebook is the shortcut to all your problems.

Adding a Facebook widget to your website serves immeasurable benefits and upgrades the overall website performance. Still, confused on how it does it all? If yes, then worry no more. This blog will take you on a complete trip on how Facebook can help you upgrade the website performance.

Wait for the surprise till the end as this blog will asl give you some of the best tools to add a Facebook widget on your website.

Proceed ahead and make your way to the end of this blog to find out.

How Facebook Widget Can Help To Boost Website Performance

1. Escalates The Liveliness

Facebook contains appealing visuals like images, blogs, reviews, videos and so much more.

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It makes your website look vibrant thereby, increasing its liveliness. A simple website with plain texts has more chances of an increase in the total bounce rate as coma[rd to the one with engaging visuals.

By embedding a Facebook widget, you don’t have to put your brains much into the technicalities in making your website look vibrant and appealing. It does it all!

2. Raises Trust And Social Proof

Facebook is also a major platform for UGC which is in high demand in today’s era. Leveraging UGC using Facebook works like magic for your website.

You can easily build social proof and trust among your visitors and get a good grip on your potential customers. It is the easiest way to keep your attendees engaged and plan a little more time than usual on your website.

When visitors will see UGC on your website, they will perceive your brand automatically as authentic, genuine, and trustworthy. They will feel connected to your brand as they would see other people using your brand’s products and services.

3. Makes Your Website Interactive

When you add a Facebook widget to your website, it makes your website interactive. The visitors would see the review section, videos, lives, and other visuals. This would help in throwing the dullness from your website.

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When it comes to the most engaging social media networks, one cannot forget to mention Facebook. So just imagine the amount of user interaction and engagements you can bring to your website if you add the Facebook widget on your website!

4. Intensifies Sales And ROI

The best part of adding a Facebook widget on your website is that it helps you in achieving the ultimate goal of your brand i.e increase in sales and ROI.

When visitors get engaged in your website and see UGC, they inspect your website a little more. They wouldn’t mind trying out your products and services. If they are impressed and happy with your products and services, they would even recommend them to others. This would result in word-of-mouth marketing.

In short, it’s a win-win situation. You don’t have to work hard on increasing the sales. Just work on the quality of your brand and add a Facebook widget to your website.

5. Heightens Up The Dwell Time

As mentioned above, getting a good hold on the attendees and potential customers is a bit of a task and the Facebook widget helps you through.

When your visitors would see engaging and interactive content on your website, they would prefer not to leave your website and search for others. They would spend more time on your website, exploring your products and services.

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This will help in increasing the dwell time and overall traffic on your website. Can you imagine how fast you can get ahead of your competitors just by adding a Facebook widget to your website!

6. Enlarges Brand Awareness

Another spotlight feature of adding a Facebook widget on your website is that it increases brand awareness.

When you display UGC on your website, you can get the attention of your targeted audience. This helps you in reaching a larger audience which might not be possible with simple brand promotions. The more brand awareness you have, the more engagement you will have. This link will finally end with an overall boost in sales and conversion.

Tools To Embed Facebook Widget On Your Website
  • Tagembed
  • SmashBalloon
  • Feed Them Social
  • EmbedSocial
  • Elfsight

Over To You!

So now you have reached the end of this blog. This blog gave you the benefits of adding a Facebook widget on your website along with the tools to embed the same.

Now worry no more and add a Facebook widget on your website to get ahead of the crowd.

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