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How to Extract Pages from PDF




If you want to know how to extract pages from PDF then all you have to know is that there are special PDF extractor tools you can use. A PDF extract tool lets you remove pages from a lengthy text or create a new file from a single extracted PDF page. PDF extractor tools work like a photocopier. But instead of reproducing a copy of a printed page, a PDF extract page is the original,  in digital form that can be edited, changed, or modified. The page can also be inserted into another PDF document so users can simply add the needed information without creating a new page.


4 Ways of Using and Reusing Extracted Pages


You Need It, or You Don’t


If you extract pages from a PDF, it is because the page is either important or not. You could be removing the page because it has no relevance to the rest of the document or because it is relevant to another document you are creating. Whatever the case, you can extract PDF pages for free with a lot of different tools and services that make the job easier.


Creating a New PDF


The page that you extract could also be the starting point of your new document. Many people take individual pages from files that contain some vital information or important data set that is more crucial to another text. PDF extract pages could also help you create a new text by providing a foundation for you to write and create.

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Sending the Page


You can use a PDF extractor tool to extract PDF pages that you or someone else needs, without sending them the entire file or text. If you don’t know how to extract PDF pages, there are many different types of tools you can use that are user-friendly and often free. These tools can open a PDF file and let you choose specific files to extract and send automatically.


Convert and Edit 


If you want to extract pages from a PDF, it could be because you want to edit or change them in some way. Maybe you want to add certain things like tables, charts, or graphs or you want to change the layout or format. You can use a PDF extract tool to remove the page and then convert it into another file type to make your changes.


A tool like Lumin PDF has a wide range of PDF extract tools that are easy to use and let you perform other functions like splitting, merging, and combining texts. The Page Tools button on the Lumin browser offers many different PDF editing options, which include the ability to extract PDF pages.


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