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​With us, you can develop ​Multi Vendor Marketplace for businesses where other vendors can register to sell their stuff. Vendors posses their own managing dashboards to manage products and to proceed the order they get from the marketplace.

Why have a multi vendor ​marketplace website?

As you own a business, it is nearly impossible to keep inventory and ship every item you sell. Stocking items make piles in dead inventory, which invariably increase your cost and reduces profit. Here, multi vendor marketplace development comes to rescue you. It works as a perfect model for order fulfillment. Using the multi vendor e-commerce website, a customer can make an order for numerous things. This order is distributed according to sellers. The sellers can complete the order using their panel in your multi vendor portal. The amount which is needed to be paid or received is handled by the platform.

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​features in our Multi Vendor MarketPlace

  • ​Add to cart option
  • ​Free backups and Security
  • ​Enhanced structure & SEO
  • ​Responsive site
  • ​One year ​Premium Hosting
  • ​Cloudflare 

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Why hire us?

Our multi vendor eCommerce development agency enables users to check out products from many vendors. After successful purchase vendor get a notification for further proceedings. Vendors can manage inventory & warehouse, depending upon the warehouse, they set rates.

Payment processing

We allow different payment gateways and numerous currencies for admin to handle order payments. Our system also supports additional methods like PayPal and, thus admin can automate payment process after deducting a commission.

Multi-language & currency

Being a leading ​Multi Vendor Marketplace development company in India, we publish products in several languages. Depending upon the location of the vendor they can add product & price. Our system Supports shopping from multiple currencies in a single ​marketplace.

Full support

There are no limits of including or creating vendors. While admin can ​group the vendors ​in different classes as per their products. Being pro-multi vendor website development company in ​India we enable you to update features to the limit where users can select the product after comparing price, rating and delivery time.

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How to create a website like Amazon?

Create a website like Amazon is doable when you have talented developers. If you are thinking of building an online store and how to create a website like an Amazon, we will help you find out.

Sites like Amazon is successful due to turning around the idea of the customer going to the seller. While you can sell anything on such site and your bank upon Digital Marketing to grow, it's always a nice idea to start the one for you.

Implementing an amazon like website

You will need to choose the right platform.  Have the team of designers, developers, and testers. Host and test your site and then Launch it to the target audience. (Better Hire a Multi Vendor Marketplace Development Agency)

How to make a website like an Amazon?


​It should be made user-friendly for the customer to find things easily on your portal. This type of user friendly website helps helps you to bring more traffic too.


​A swift function of the team is essential while addressing problems from the customer, be it a faulty product or delivery snag, it should be responded promptly.


​While customers provide confidential information such as banking details, your system should be secure against its leaking, as well as it should look trustworthy.


​​Logistic and courier partners play an an important role in an ​Amazon like website, choose operators carefully make sure they have a good record.


​Customer should get enough information through the product description, video, images or of any sort. Even if it's not provided to you, it should be provided by you.

What our clients have to say

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​We were thinking to hire expert woocommerce development agency for online store. Our demand was complicated, they worked for it as per our time zone also they were there on Skype and mail whenever we asked to. It was a pleasure working along. We got what we were expecting in terms of design and functionality.

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​We have worked with Guru Web Developers and saw them as a professional, dedicating and technically sound. They provided my Woocommerce Development work on time, also keeping my expenses within my budget. They are recently working on one more project and looking at my self working with them in the future too.

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