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Seo Benefits of Podcasting | Seven ways to improve your SEO in 2020

How Podcasting Can Boost SEO

Podcasts are a great way to promote your site and product without having your customers look at a computer screen for too long. Doing so can dry out their colorful rainbow contact lenses. Podcasts are ideal for anyone busy because you can still consume information without having to read; you can turn on your smartphone and listen. It can also improve your SEO by placing advertisements or site link in podcasts. Lets talk more about the SEO Benefits of Podcasting.

The Relationship of SEO and Podcasting

Aside from the benefits that consumers and producers gain from podcasts, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), experts, and advertisers can also seek opportunities from it. You can ask someone else to place your ads into their podcast. You can also make your own and write content that can help increase the traffic on your site, bringing you more profit.

How Podcast Hosts Help their Partners

Podcasts can also help their partners when it comes to hosting networks and distribution. Even if people are unaware of your brand, they will most likely try to find your content if they hear about it in a podcast. If the listeners have found your content, it is now your decision on how you will play your cards and use this to your advantage.

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Why it is Better to Hire a Podcast Host

For added site traffic, most developers host podcasts on their website, but this is not advisable for a small audience. The best you can do is to choose reliable hosts. You must remember that the podcast audience can grow exponentially. Having more people download episodes from your site might do you more harm than good. Podcast hosts are better prepared from this kind of incident, that is why it is better to leave the podcasting to them.

Podcast hosts will also have the right algorithm that will show you the dynamics of subscriptions and downloads. It would be better to check this out if you need added data than working on your own.

Writing Contents for a Podcast

One of the contents you can make for your podcasts is whatever your expertise is or what your website has in store for them. You can also earn another space on the site dedicated to your podcast topics. Using different marketing techniques, you can reach more audience. Introducing a variety of content can also help you reach more listeners.

Reasons to Create Podcast Ads

If you are not up to the challenge of creating your content, you can still make use of podcasts by becoming a sponsor. Doing so will add you to the list of their ads. Here are a few reasons to try it out:

  • Great hosts can attract more attention to your site.
  • Podcast ads are seamless and organic.
  • Listeners look forward to these ads.
  • Listeners tend to buy products featured in ads.
  • Listeners trust their hosts’ choices.
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The Benefits of Podcasting

If you are still not convinced about getting a podcast host to help boost your SEO, here are more benefits:

  • Your site can be included in the ‘show notes’ of an episode. Listeners usually check out the description to get a glimpse of the episode’s summary. Most of the time, hosts include links to their ads, profiles, and other offers. This can be very effective if you are aiming for natural backlinks.
  • Podcasts can work like blogs. Podcasts are blogs in audio form. Using keywords when you are creating the titles and descriptions can encourage your listeners to check out the link. You can also write a blog that will accompany your podcast episodes.
  • Podcasts are cheap. It can easily be the most affordable marketing strategy out there. If you have a decent customer conversion rate, the podcasts can pay for the production costs. The advantage is that there is a high conversion rate when it comes to podcasting. Many listeners have reported that they have visited sites and bought products they heard from podcasting ads.
  • Podcasts do not expire. You only have to post new episodes regularly, but your old recordings can still be downloaded by many. The notes under them can always be as useful over time.
  • Podcasts are similar to Guest blogging. As you know guest blogging is an SEO practice where you outsource manual blog outreach London to an agency to build links for you. Similarly podcasting also helps you publish your content on podcasting sites and in return you do get a backlink to improve traffic, trust and visibility of your website.
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Strategies to Improve Your SEO with Podcasting

If you have decided to use podcasts as a way of boosting your SEO, here are a few practical strategies you can use:

  • Using the right keywords in your titles. Sites have a unique algorithm that pays attention to podcast titles. While yours must be catchy, you must also have the right keywords. If you don’t, people who frequently use the right keywords may not be able to find yours.
  • Using supporting contents. Aside from being a place to include links, show notes can also help in increasing your search engine rankings. Remember that keyword density is still vital for SEO. Google keeps the keyword density at 1-2% and Yahoo at 3%. You can try different solutions until you come up with the best option.
  • Using authoritative websites. If your site has many inbound links, you can rank higher in search engine results. This can work better if the links are from high-ranking websites. Make a list of reputable sites and add them to your episode description. However, be careful of unnatural links as they can lead to penalties.
  • Optimizing your RSS feed. While they may not be as popular anymore, your RSS feed still has numerous information for Google Play, iTunes, and other relevant sites.
  • Hire an SEO Company. To automate your SEO process and remove the hassles of managing your online marketing by yourself all alone, you can hire the cheapest seo service in London. This is the best method most businesses use to save their time and money.
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You can start promoting your podcasts through email; by then, you can also encourage your audience to subscribe to your newsletter. You can also publicize your podcast by tweeting the best quotes on an episode or posting a teaser cover on Instagram. This is still effective even when you have a small reach because it allows you to build a good relationship with your listeners.


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