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Simply put, it is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that focuses on presenting your target audience (or prospect) with extremely relevant and value-driven content, which helps them solve some problems in some way.

Compared to the traditional ‘in-your-face’ approach, content marketing works over a longer period of time to create a relationship with the target audience by building trust and loyalty. So, when it comes to the moment of truth – when the prospect is about to make purchase decision – your brand already has his/her trust and loyalty. By then, the visitor has already converted into a lead and possibly into a buyer.

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Why do you need content marketing services?

Today, almost anyone who owns a website understands the importance of content marketing services. The reason is simple — ads have been around for many years now — whether it’s print, radio, TV, or now digital. In the face of exploding consumerism, the modern consumer is fast becoming a skeptic.

They no longer believe everything they see in an ad. And that’s why trust has become the keystone of brand success. Of course, there are brands who’ve built trustworthiness over the decades. But for everyone else, content marketing becomes the key.

1. Your content can shape your prospect customer’s journey

Before deciding to buy something, 51% shoppers (surveyed by Think Google) said they started their journey with a search query. They preferred organic 90% of content on its platform receives no traffic at all. This basically suggests that you should be part of the 10% of content more than ads and allowed non-salesy content to shape their journey.


According to Content Marketing Institute, content marketing is six times more powerful than the traditional method in transforming a visitor into a lead and then to a buyer. Consumers said content from brands significantly impacted their buying choice. It will also lead to higher site traffic and increased brand visibility. To sum it up, it will lead to higher leads and higher sales.


As per Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% lesser than traditional marketing. It also generated high-quality leads and approximately three times more leads

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what and how we do it?

content audit

What is the current state of your website traffic and content? What does it miss? Which channels are you publishing content on? What does your current content landscape look like? Is the content being publish the right content kind for your business? Is it successfully aligned to your business goals? We launch a full-scale content audit before we start planning anything for your business. This is the starting point of the content marketing journey

content strategy

We use our marketing instincts (honed by years of experience and backed by an ultra-creative team) to understand your business goals and align the content process to achieve those goals. Our strategy document will cover the whole plan – everything from the buyer persona, what types of content to create for what platforms, what keywords/topics to use, when and where to publish, how to promote and what metrics to watch for performance.

content development

Not every content format can be developed for every business, basically because of the difference in audience preferences. Based on your strategy plan and the content marketing package you have opted, we will build an editorial calendar. This will contain details about the type of content that will be created along with timelines. This will be sent across to your team for approval. If you want a more customized plan, you can always talk to our project managers or content strategy team.

content creation

This is a core part of our service. When we create content, we make sure it captures what your audience wants to read. Our team of specialized writers and designers develop various types of content that is suited to your content strategy. These include long or short-format blogs, social media posts, infographics, eBooks, case studies and much more. Every piece is vetted by our editorial team to make sure it matches your branding and our strict quality guidelines.

content distribution

Once the content is written and optimized for search, its published. Once that happens, our content marketing agency will use various marketing techniques to promote your owned media content across the web. Through a combination of paid and organic distribution methods, we will make sure that your content gets the valuable backlinks that will help drive in traffic to your website and increase your leads. Through content promotion on various sites and social media platforms, your brand becomes visible online.

content optimization

So, is content marketing working for your business? How much traffic is coming from which channel? How much leads are you generating because of content marketing? All of these are tracked by our team through the analytics. We use a number of tools to understand and analyses the data to take more informed decisions. As part of our market leading content marketing services, this data is shared through custom reports that allow you to understand your return on investment.

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About content marketing Services In India

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is nothing but putting the best face of your company out there in the digital world, allowing prospective customers to understand who you are so that they want to do business with you. A good content marketer puts together stories about what makes your business special and unique, and how you add value to customer’s lives. And then makes sure those stories are seen by your target audience.


Why do I need content marketing?

Today’s consumers aren’t very amenable to in-your-face ads and pushy sales techniques. They have become more discerning and reluctant to trust a brand from Day 1. That’s why companies need to use content marketing to position themselves as credible and trustworthy. But this isn’t just our intuition, the numbers back it up too. Content marketing actually generates 3 times more leads than outbound marketing and at 63% lesser cost.


What qualifies as content?

To put it very broadly, any valuable information, conveyed by any medium, can be considered as content. When it comes to content marketing, the word content has a variety of meanings — from infographics to videos to blogs and even your website copy. Here’s a list of just some of the content we provide:

  • Articles and listicles
  • Blogs and websites
  • SEO content
  • Content marketing
  • Website content
  • Ebooks and white papers
  • Social media content
  • Marketing content
  • Product descriptions
  • Infographics
  • Videos


How does Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing works on two levels. On the one hand, credible content that adds value to users helps to distinguish your brand as reliable and trustworthy. As prospective customers consume content created by you (whether on your own channels or on other channels), they begin to think of your brand highly. This means that they are likely to choose you when they have to make a purchase decision.

At the same time, when you put SEO-friendly content out there on a regular basis, search engines like Google and Bing start ranking your content higher on the SERP(Search Engine Results Page). This means when a prospective customer has a related query, your content is likely to come up in the search results, directing the prospect towards your brand and website.


How should I get started with content marketing?

A major mistake many companies tend to make with content marketing is that they start executing first. A few blog posts here, an odd case study or two there — and then get frustrated when they don’t see results. The first step in effective content marketing is to understand your prospective customers and then build a comprehensive content marketing strategy around them.


Is short-form or long-form content better?

There is no easy answer to this question. In general, long-form content is known to be better for building credibility and search engine rankings. Given customers’ dwindling attention spans, short-form content is often the better choice.

Whether you choose to go for short-form or long-form content depends entirely on the situation. If you sell high-end products or your audience is not very knowledgeable about your products or services, or your sales cycle is long and complex, long-form content is a good idea. It includes things like whitepapers, eBooks, how-to guides, long blog posts, tutorials, etc.

On the other hand, if your products are inexpensive and the audience is fairly familiar with the products you sell, and you only need to communicate precise information to them, short-form content is great.


How do you make engaging content?

While there is no easy answer to this, at Guru Web Developers we follow certain key principles to make sure we’re creating content that touches a chord with prospective customers. These include:

Talking, not writing: We write like we’re talking to our target audience. No complex wordplay or long-winded sentences. We write like we talk, and make sure we get through to prospective customers.

Understanding buyer persona: Our content creators are experts at understanding the target audience. This helps them customize their writing to actually add value to customers’ lives and address their pain points directly.


Do I need to constantly create new content?

In content marketing, consistency is one of the biggest keys to success. This means that when you start off, you will have to consistently create new content for a while. With time, however, you can repurpose your old content by updating it and making it more relevant. This makes it easier to post content consistently without having to create it from scratch.


How important are keywords in content marketing?

Keywords are what Google and other search engines use to rank content on the Search Engine Results Page. That’s why analyzing which keywords you want to optimize for and then using those keywords while creating content are a must. At the same time, these keywords need to become a part of the content organically. Forcing keywords into the content creates a bad impression for prospective customers and is also penalized by Google when deciding search engine rankings.

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