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Buying backlinks can be risky, but backlinks are quite a big chunk of Google's algorithm to determine your page high in the search results. If you are working to buy backlinks, then buy the right backlinks. We assist businesses to be viewed utilizing safe practices that do not harm their current investments. Please contact us for more information.

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Innumerable searches are made over google every month. If your website doesn’t rank, then it’s probable that your website & business will miss traffic to rivals. A bespoke digital marketing approach from a professional SEO agency like Guru Web Developers will drive a dominant footprint. Our SEO agency is founded upon skilled SEO experts with decades of experience in diverse industries executing search engine optimization for businesses all over the world. We are specialists at drawing visitors to a website that encourages a strong first-page keyword growth and, eventually, more website traffic.

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Link Building Process at Guru Web Developers

1. Content Creation

If you’ve created content that resonated with your audience in the past, we’ll revive it with an update. But don’t worry if you don’t. We’ll create 90% of content on its platform receives no traffic at all. This basically suggests that you should be part of the 10% of content that will grab people’s attention and get them talking about your brand.

identify quality sites.

We use technology to identify relevant websites that might want to link to your site. But we’re all about old-fashioned networking. We always focus on the fit between your brand and prospects.

3. manual Outreach

Outreaching for links is a time-consuming method, so it may be intriguing to take alternatives. But we do it the hard way. The only way that is 100% assured to get you significant results. Thanks to our strategy, we can create backlinks for Developing a website is a big task, and maintaining is even bigger. We specialize in making the maintenance of your website from remarkable and most important domains on the web.

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benefits of high quality link building

  • More visibility of your blog in search results.
  • Receive traffic from other websites linked to you.
  • High-quality incoming links mean your site will be admired as a valuable resource. This can be easily done by writing quality content.
  • Link building also helps in getting indexed in search results quicker.
  • Link building is also considered an important aspect of SEO.
  • Increase Your Site's Authority

    Guru Web uses a standard but scalable path to link building. We’ll uncover chances for high-quality, contextual links from appropriate and trustworthy sites.

    Personalized Outreach

    Outreach is the most important parts of the link building process. We produce customized and well-written outreach (never automated), so you don’t have to. Outreach that flatters your target and gets you high-quality backlinks.

    Relevant And High-quality Backlinks Only

    When you hire Guru Web, we never use dodgy tactics. Because they are dangerous, dishonest, and probably won’t help your rankings. Instead, we focus on creating quality links that contribute real value to your site.

    Links That Last Forever

    Link building is like what Warren Buffet says: spending for the long term, not a get-rich-quick project. That’s why we build links from high-quality web pages, not pages that will be archived in a couple of months.

    Content That Makes Your Target Look Good

    We take care of content production and placement. This could be long-form evergreen content, interactive maps, quizzes, or your own surveys. Content that makes your objective clear and compels others to link to you.

    Gain An Unfair Advantage

    Link building is deemed to be hard. It’s not supposed to scale. That’s why it’s a competing barrier. Otherwise, every guy and his dog would do it. Think of us as your new secret hardware to build and earn high-quality links.


    What type of keywords can I use as my anchor texts?

    When choosing the keywords, it is best to identify the ones that are already ranking for your website. If you find target keywords ranking on the second and third page of Google SERP, these are the ideal keywords that you must focus on as the anchor text. In addition to this, if you want to rank a money page, use buyer intended keywords rather than informational. The best scenario to use informational keywords is when you try to rank a blog post.

    Can I get a free consultation before choosing backlink outreach services?

    Sure! All you need to do is use this link to book your preferred time and date for the call and we’ll get right back to you. We love making new connections!

    Do you do blogger outreach for all niches?

    We don’t do manual blogger outreach and guest posts for adult websites. Other than that, we can publish guest posts and do authority link building related to almost any niche on content relevant websites with proven online authority.

    What is your typical turnaround time?

    It depends on the size of your order. Since our strategy is supported by blogger outreach, we can fulfill your orders within 3 weeks. Thanks to our 20,000+ inventory of real bloggers, the quantity doesn’t delay the delivery. You can check the progress of the task in the dashboard that we provide you.

    What if my new backlinks go down?

    The links built using blogger outreach strategy are permanent and remain intact even after the termination of your contract. If you find backlinks removed, which has the rarest of the rare chance, we guarantee 100% Money-Back or link replacement. We are confident with our links because we provide 100% White Hat Backlink Service.

    Will I get editorial backlinks on relevant blogs?

    Yes! High-quality articles written by our native writers are scalable and will naturally attract the attention of sought-after publishers. The DA+Traffic packages offer editorial quality backlinks through real blogger outreach campaigns. These are sites where your target audience spends a lot of time, which means there is a high chance of you increasing your brand reputation. Additionally, you get referral traffic and boost organic rankings for the target keywords.

    how many Links do I need to rank?

    This depends on the niche industry that you want to rank. If you have a business with high competition, the number of links required may increase. But in general, if you can get ten high domain authority links, let’s say above DA 80+, it’s equal to thousand DA 20+ links. Nova’s Guest Posting Service can offer links ranging from DA 20+ to DA 80+.

    Are the Link Placements Permanent?

    Yes. Unlike some SEO agencies that buy links, we try to earn them through quality guest posts. This strategy will ensure that your links stay live forever.

    Can I get some samples before placing my order?

    As a blogger outreach agency, we’re more than happy to provide you with sample domains where your links will be placed. It would be better if you made use of this link.

    What are your other services apart from link building?

    Guru Web Develoeprs is a full scale digital marketing firm. We provide solutions for National SEO Services, Local SEO, Ecommerce SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Design & Development.

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