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WordPress undoubtedly is the number one content management system (CMS) today, which powers more than 50% of the websites and blogs all over the globe. We provide quality WordPress development services to our clients all over the globe and that's the reason we have been rated as the #1 WordPress Development Company in Delhi, India. We provide a wide range of WordPress services from WordPress Developments to WordPress Maintenance to Content Writing and even more. That makes us, a one-stop solution for all your WordPress development requirements.

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Guru Web Developers is one of the leading WordPress Development Company in Delhi, India. We provide a wide range of WordPress development as well as WordPress and related services to our clients not only in India but all over the globe. Earlier people have this misconception that WordPress can only be used for creating a blog but this is not the truth at all. You can create almost any type of website (eCommerce Websites as well) or web apps with the help of this super powerful CMS.

The ease of use, flexibility, and versatility make WordPress super popular even among the fortune 500 companies. Today, some of the big companies and even government organizations use WordPress to create their website. Being a leading WordPress development company in Delhi, Noida, NCR, India, it has been our privilege that we have got the chance to work with and provide our WordPress development services to some of the top companies in India as well as globally from different industries (our website is also created with WordPress).

The advantages of using WordPress to create your website are, you get pre-designed themes as well as fully functional plugins that extend the functionality of your website. Being a leading WordPress development company in Delhi, India we provide a range of WordPress development services to our clients in Noida, Gurgaon, and all over India. We also provide WordPress development and related services to our clients all over the globe. You can check the range of WordPress development services that we offer below, in case if you need any of these WordPress services, we are just a call or an email away, let’s connect.

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WordPress Development Services In Delhi, India

We provide the following WordPress Development Services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, India and all over the globe. You can also contact us if you have any custom WordPress requirements even if it’s not listed in our WordPress services.

WordPress Website Development

We provide fully responsive, beautiful WordPress website development services to our clients all over in India as well as globally. Our basic WordPress website and blog development starts at just Rs. 15000 or USD 300.

WordPress Blog Setup And Development

If you want to start your own personal blog or want to create a blog page for your company website, we provide the blog setup and development services with right set of tools and features that helps grow your blog faster.

WooCommerce Website Development

With WooCommerce, we can create a fully functional e-commerce website using WordPess. As compared with any other platform, the WooCommerce websites are much easier to start and manage ecommerce website.

WordPress Migration Services

Moving your WordPress site from one hosting to another or changing the domain name of your WordPress website is quite a bit of hustle and this is where we help you with our quick WordPress migration services.

WordPress Maintenance Services

You need to update the core WordPress Software, Themes, and Plugins on a regular basis to secure Developing a website is a big task, and maintaining is even bigger. We specialize in making the maintenance of your website. Also if you need to update the 90% of content on its platform receives no traffic at all. This basically suggests that you should be part of the 10% of content regularly, check out our WordPress maintenance services.

WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Website speed is one of the important SEO factor. If company website to remain at the top of the search engine charts. But to stay there, your website is slow, you not only lose your ranking but also you lose your customers. We can make your website blazing fast with our WordPress speed optimization services.

WordPress Optimization (SEO) Services

Many people think that WordPress SEO is just about using the SEO Plugin, which is not at all correct. If you are serious about your online business and want to improve search ranking, check our WordPress SEO services.

Blog Writing Services (SEO-Friendly)

You need to post content on website will get a high rank. Also, a top-notch brand image is established. The high rank on Google is directly proportional to the visibility of your website on a regular basis to keep your website visitors engaged. We provide the SEO-friendly blog writing services to fill this gap. We write original and unique content for your website.

WordPress Custom Development

If you have any custom requirement for example – LMS Website, Travel Portal, Custom Theme or Plugin development or PSD and HTML to WordPress conversion, we also provide the custom WordPress development.

Why Choose WordPress Over Other CMS?

If you are still in doubt and not able to decide if you need to choose WordPress as a platform for your website, no worries, we will help you here. There are so many advantages of choosing WordPress Website development over any other CMS, that’s the reason more than 50% of websites all over the world are built using WordPress, even some of the top fortune 500 companies as well as government websites are powered by WordPress. It’s a fully secure and very user-friendly platform. To highlight a few important things, here are some of the benefits of WordPress over any other CMS software.

Most Popular CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS today. It’s a ready platform for any type of website, from a simple blog to fully functional ecommerce website.

Open-Source Software

WordPress is completely open-source software, you don’t need to pay anything to use the WordPress. You just need hosting, domain and plugins etc.

SEO Friendly

WordPress itself is very much SEO friendly. Further you can improve the SEO  with the use of one of many SEO plugin from the WordPress depository.

Themes & Plugins

There are thousands of free and premium themes as well as plugins which you can use to design your website and to add the functionality to your website.

Vast Community Support

If you ever need support with WordPress, you have got access to the vast WordPress community support

Flexibility & Scalability

With WordPress, you have got the complete flexibility and scalability, you can change the design of your website and can add functionality too with one click.

Easy To Use

WordPress is very easy to use, if you need to add more pages to your website or if you need to publish blog post, you can do that with just a few clicks.

Easy To Manage

You don’t need to be very technical to manage a WordPress website. It’s very much suitable for beginners, you can easily get started in a couple of hours.

WordPress Development Services In Delhi, India

For best quality WordPress development and related services, you need to hire one of the best WordPress development company in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, India. If you are still not clear, here are some of the USPs of our services.

Skilled WP Developers

We are into the WordPress development from more than 6 years now and thus we have got the skilled WordPress developers in-house and that makes us the pioneer WordPress development company in Delhi, India.

Custom Design

In our WordPress development services, we just don’t install any random theme to create your website. We create a custom design for your website so that your website does not look just like any other WordPress website.

Quality Themes & Plugins

We choose the best quality theme (or even custom theme) for your website and customize it to look the way you want. Also, we use the most popular and recommended plugins to add the functionality to your website.

Timely Project Delivery

We understand the value of your time and thus we know that the delay in a project can add a bit of cost to your overall project. We work with a deadline to deliver your project on time (and in many cases before the time).

Competitive Pricing

Indian market is very competitive and that’s one of the reason foreign companies outsource our services. As a leading WordPress development company in Delhi, India we provide the best quality WordPress services.

Premium Support

Quality support is one of the reason we have become the #1 WordPress development company in India. We provide premium quality support for our WordPress development services in Delhi, Noida and other cities.

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About WordPress Development Services In India

Being a leading WordPress development company in Delhi, India, we are very clear about our services, here we thought to answer some of the frequently asked questions about our WordPress development services in Delhi, India that our clients ask.

Why is WordPress so popular?

There are many reasons why WordPress is so popular but most importantly we users and developers like it. Further ease of use, easy to customization, flexibility and availability of themes and plugins makes it popular.

Do you also design custom WordPress themes?

Yes, we are one of the top WordPress development company in Delhi, India and so we can design the custom WordPress theme as per your requirement. In fact, we use our custom theme in most of our WordPress projects.

Will you use the premium WordPress plugins?

There are so many free plugins are available in the WordPress repository. Still, if none of that matches your requirement, we suggest you, use a premium plugin and the cost of the plugin will be added to the project.

Do you only provide services in India?

We are based in India, we provide WordPress development services in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad, as these cities are close to our locations. But, we are not limited to these cities only, we provide our services worldwide.

Is it true that WordPress is not secure?

No, it’s not true at all. As WordPress is the most popular CMS, most of the sites that hackers target are WordPress sites. Any website can be hacked; you need to use the proper security to protect your WordPress website from hackers.

WordPress is SEO friendly, do I still need SEO Services?

SEO requires an additional effort. Just having an SEO friendly website or having the content written SEO friendly may not be sufficient to rank your website. To cut short, you still need to do SEO to improve your website ranking.

I have a specific requirement, can you do that?

As long as, it’s related with WordPress Development, we have the team that can do anything, nothing is impossible for us. Do let us know your custom requirement and we will get back to you with our process and estimates.

Which web hosting you recommend for WordPress?

WordPress can easily run on shared hosting, once your website grows, you can migrate your site to VPS if needed. Also, we do provide web hosting with our WordPress development services so you won’t need to worry.

What are the payment method and terms?

You can make the online payment to our account. We also provide the easy and secure payment gateway to make the payment, let us know your preferred method and we will arrange something. You need to make the advance payment depending on the project to start the project.

How long do you provide support after development?

It depends on specific WordPress related services. If it’s an ongoing service, we do provide support till the time we are providing the services. If its WordPress website development and the website is hosted with us, we provide 12 months premium support or else 30 days support.

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