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Moving your WordPress site from one host to another can be quite a hassle. With our WordPress Migration Services, we can help you migrate your website from one host to another host and/or to another domain quickly and safely. You need to be very careful while migrating your website, especially if your website is doing well. If not done correctly, it may break your website and may cause a temporary or even permanent loss to your business. You can be assured with our expert team, we take utmost care to transfer Developing a website is a big task, and maintaining is even bigger. We specialize in making the maintenance of your website safely, it's something like a daily task for us.

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Guru Web Developers is one of the leading WordPress Development Company in Delhi providing the best WordPress Development Services in India and all over the globe. Having a team that has got years of experience in WordPress Migration Services, we can transfer your WordPress website and blog from one web server to another also if you need we can help you transfer your website to a new domain (changing your domain name). Migrating a WordPress website from one server to another never been as easy as we do, safe and quick.

Migrating a WordPress site is not an easy task as it involves transferring both website files as well as database and thus you can not hand over company website to remain at the top of the search engine charts. But to stay there, your website to someone very new especially if it’s your business website or a money-making site. We have years of experience in moving WordPress websites and blogs from one server to another and till now we have moved 1000+ websites from one location to another. We are the best fit for WordPress migration and related services. We can help you migrate your WordPress website safely and quickly from one location to another ensuring minimum downtime of your website.

WordPress Migration Services In Delhi, India

There could be many reasons for migrating a WordPress website from one server to another or even when changing the domain name. Here are some of the reasons why do people (companies) need our WordPress Migration Services.

Migrating To Good Web Host

Generally the prime reason for migrating a WordPress website is when you transfer your website to better host for better speed and pricing.

Changing Your Domain Name

There are the case when you need to change your domain name, it could be due to any reason, may be you have re-branded your company or got a better domain name, you need to change all URLs.

Website Has Grown

We all start a website with a share hosting which usually have space and bandwidth limitations and once your website grows it needs a bigger space and more bandwidth and thus it requires moving to better host.

Brand Splitting

You may need to transfer a part of your website to new web host and/or to new domain name, this is very common when a big brand splits into two or more sub brands. Here it requires moving the part of the site only.

Migrating To Secure Server

Security might be a reason sometime you need to migrate your website to more secure web host. There are some hosts which does not use proper security.

Migrating For SEO Benefits

Our WordPress Migration Service Process

Whatever is the reason for your WordPress website migration, we can do that quickly and efficiently, we follow proper process in our WordPress Migration Services and that’s the reason we never go wrong. You can trust us for your site transfer.

Backup Website

We are very confident with our services, still we take the backup before starting our migration process so that if things don’t go as expected and your site does not work properly we can restore the site using backup.

Files Transfer

We transfer your WordPress website files from the current server to the new web host and the process is completely secure. We transfer all your files to new web server safely, securely without any issue.

Database Migration

This is the most critical part in WordPress site transfer and thus we take utmost care and follow a process in our WordPress Migration Services to migrate the WordPress database to the new hosting server.

Site Reconfiguration

Once the files and database is migrated to the new server, we do the required configuration at the new server and within your WordPress to make your site live on your new server without any issue.

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Best WordPress Migration Services In India

For so many years we have worked on hundreds of WordPress website migration projects and thus we know what works best with different servers. Here are some of the reasons why we are the best WordPress Migration service provider in India.

Safe Migration

Having a dedicated team for WordPress migration services and providing website migration services from so many years, we have created a process that helps us in safe website migration from one web server to another.

Minimum Downtime

We ensure the minimum downtime while migrating the WordPress website from one server to another so that you get the minimum loss. If required we start and complete the migration process even during the week-ends.

Data Safety

That’s our policy, we truly believe in, data safely is something that we really care. You can be assured that your website data is completely safe with us and once the migration is completed we delete everything at our end.

Quality Services

As a team having years of experience in WordPress and related services, we can ensure you the best quality services from our side. We are very professional and thus we complete the project in a given time or even early.

Testing & QA

Just migrating the website is not what we do, we keep an eye on your website for few days if there are anything that gets changed when DNS points properly. We do the proper testing before we handover the website to you.

Excellent Support

With our WordPress website migration services, we do provide 30 days premium support which simply means if you have found anything wrong even after days of your website migration, we are still there with you to support.

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About WordPress Migration Services

We understand that you might have some queries or questions about our WordPress Website migration services to other host or domain. Here are the frequently asked questions (we usually get) about our WP Website Migration Services.

Will you safely transfer my website to new server/domain?

Of course, that’s the reason we are providing these services. Trust us, we have done WordPress website migration hundreds of times and have never gone wrong. We also take the backup before starting the process of migration.

How long does it takes to complete the website migration?

The website migration usually takes a couple of hours, it depends on the website size, DNS Propagation, the time required for Domain Setup, and Hosting Configuration. We ensure the smooth and secure migration of your site.

How much downtime will I experience?

We aim for zero downtime while migrating your website. But in case if there is a domain change as well, you may face downtime for a couple of hours. That’s the reason we suggest website migration when your website is least active.

Can I change the domain name also?

Yes, if you need it, we can change the domain name as well. All your pages will open with the new domain name in the URL. Also, we will change all instances of your old domain name and links from your website automatically.

Can you transfer the website to any web host/server?

Yes! We can transfer the WordPress website to any host/server which supports WordPress. To be sure, do contact the web hosting company before taking up their services. We can also guide you in buying the right WordPress web hosting.

What about the email address?

If you have created your email addresses with your old web host, you need to re-create the same in your new web host. Also, it applies to all other settings in the server that you have made to your previous web host.

What all the info you need from our side?

To start the migration process, we’ll need your current and new hosting account details along with the domain and WordPress admin login details. Don’t worry, we will handle it safely and you can change the credentials later.

Will it affect my SEO or search engine rankings?

Migrating from one host to another should not affect your SEO or search rankings. If you are changing the domain, you need to redirect all your old URLs to the new one and do the SEO. Still, it might affect the ranking for some time.

Will you fix the other WordPress issues or add new pages?

We definitely can, but that is not included in our WordPress Website Migration Services. For details, do check our other WordPress Development Services. There will be an additional cost for adding the new pages to your website.

What if migration don’t go as expected?

We are sure, with us things won’t go wrong. Still, if in an unusual case migration doesn’t go as expected, we can restore the website from the backup. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

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