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Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic & Sales

The importance of a website can only be felt when there are visitors to the website. It is very difficult for an owner of an internet business to make a profit if people have no idea how to locate the website.


Once the visitors have an idea about the location of the website, it will be important for you to come up with a system of enticing the visitors to visit the created websites.


The following tips can definitely help any internet marketer to get free traffic to the website and increase their sales/conversions.


Newsletter and Email Marketing: 


Email is a very cost-effective marketing channel nowadays if you know how to use it correctly. Almost everyone who uses the Internet got an email address and it is basically costing you nothing to send an email to your potential clients.


The way to increase your site traffic is to offer some free samples, reports, tutorials, tips, and tricks about your subject of interest to your visitors so that they will sign up for your newsletter. Once they have signed up, you can simply ask them to refer their friends so that they can have more gifts or tips and tricks from you.

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That way your site traffic will not only be increased by your first group of visitors, also when you ask that group to refer their friends, but you also have a second group of visitors.


You ask your second group to do the same as the first group again and let this process continue, you should start seeing there is a potential in getting enormous traffic to your site.


Once you create a list of subscribers then, you can then ask viewers to subscribe to your RSS feed as well.


This is important as you can use the forums to let the visitors know anytime when you will have added fresh and appealing content, products, or new services to the websites.


By coming up with effective mailing lists that feature all the information and goods on offer, you can help get and increase traffic to the website easily and effectively each time you update or create a new website.

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Article and Forum Marketing:


It will be necessary for you to write articles that are informative and educative particularly about the subject matter of the website. You can then submit the articles that you will have written to various article directories.

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As you do this, remember to also incorporate the bio box of the author in the article. The article directories will help you get traffic to your website and also create links that direct visitors to your site.

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Create a Signature Line:


Creating a signature line that is appealing to the visitors helps offer the visitors information about the services and products on offer. The signature line can then be used on emails that are sent out to the visitors.


While doing so, it will be important to also join community groups and forums that relate extensively to the content of the website and to its topic. It will also be important to post friendly and helpful responses to the questions and issues raised by the visitors.




Using SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques. A lot of people tend to shy away from using SEO techniques themselves because they believe it to be very difficult. Use tools such as Semrush that can help you with SEO. Get a free Semrush trial and use the tool worth $119.95 for free.


It is not rocket science but again, does take time for you to realize that increased traffic to Developing a website is a big task, and maintaining is even bigger. We specialize in making the maintenance of your website.

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3 - Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic & Sales

An expert of SEO in Sydney has given us some very simple SEO techniques that you can implement right away to help you rank higher within the search engines:


  1. a) Be certain that each page on your website has a title on it and be sure that the title contains a keyword or phrase specific for that web page.


  1. b) This same keyword should also be used within the heading of the content on your page.


  1. c) Use this same keyword at least once in the opening paragraph of your content and again in the closing paragraph.


  1. d) Make use of similar words related to the topic of the page. Get out that thesaurus and start looking.


  1. e) Be sure that your keyword is also contained within the name of your file. So if you were focusing on the keyword “blog” for example, then you’d want to include the term “blog” in the name of your file like so: blog.html.


Social Media Marketing:


Social communities sites such as Myspace.com, Facebook.com, Hi5.com, and so on to get visitors to your website. The great things about social networking sites are often you can find certain groups that fit into your demographic or niche.

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Then you can start discussing things or answering questions about the niches, topics, or markets that you represent. Also, you can research how these groups of people think or act in order to get a better sales conversion rate when you are ready to launch your product or services.


Now, why do I suggest you answer other people’s questions? The benefit of answering other people’s questions about your niche is you are building a reputation for your company by showing them how much of a ‘guru’ you are.


So when those people come to look for products or services about your niche, they will remember you and thus, you have a better chance of closing a sale.




Having a blog about your home business website is a really great way to get more website traffic. The way blogs have become so popular on the Internet; you will find that many people will search only for blogs when they are looking for an opinion on something.


Promoting your home business website on your blog will send more visitors to your website, which can result in more leads as well as sales. You can also advise your blog readers on how to get more information from you about your home business on your blog.

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Perhaps have them leave a comment, or offer them a newsletter for more info. Start your own blog using Bluehost which is recommended by WordPress itself. Get to know about Bluehost pricing details and discounts that you can avail right now.


Video marketing:


Produce high-quality and compelling videos and put them on YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and various video sharing sites to drive traffic to your blog, and website, etc.


You can offer a demonstration, preview of products or services when you produce the videos and make them very entertaining before you submit them to Youtube.


The idea is to make the video interesting and entertaining. The more entertaining your video is, the more people you will drive, and hence increase your sales.


YouTube marketing is one such way you can gain free website traffic. Simply register a YouTube account in the name of your website and begin loading videos that are related to the content of your website.


Include a visible link to your website in the video and also in the video description. This will entice people who enjoyed your videos to check out your website.


Additionally, you can create video replies to other YouTube videos that are related to the content of your website. Be sure to always include your website’s link in the videos! Using YouTube marketing is one of the most popular and proven methods of obtaining traffic at no cost.

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Website traffic is not something that just comes to you when you have a website. You have to promote your home business to get more website traffic.


Using the techniques above will get you results that you can see and use. They are not all that time-consuming, you just have to be consistent with them and you will see that they will pay off.


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