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When You’re Stuck With Web Design, Try These 9 Innovative Solutions

A web designer’s worst nightmare is running out of ideas. There are a variety of causes for this, including monotonous employment and excessive hours worked.


New ideas are necessary if you want to come up with innovative concepts.


Learn where and how to find new web design concepts.


It is possible to get stuck on a project for a variety of reasons. It’s possible that your most recent customer is so imprecise about what they want that you have no idea where to begin.


Or perhaps you’ve been working nonstop for a long time and are feeling depleted of energy and motivation. Or maybe you’ve been building websites for the same kinds of clients for a long time and haven’t had a chance to stretch your imagination.


When you’re tasked with being creative, you’re bound to get stuck from time to time. It’s possible to overcome the challenges that stand in your way as long as you have a system in place to help you come up with new web design concepts.


To help you get your creative juices flowing, we’ll look at 9 activities you can do and some resources you should save for later.

Web Design Tips You Can Put Into Practice


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In times of low motivation, lack of inspiration, or simply being stuck, here are some tips to help get you back on track:

Make a Process Flow Chart


When you’re in the weeds, feeling overwhelmed, and striving to come up with something fresh, working without a method may be incredibly destructive to a web designer’s flow.


Instead of forcing your brain to run in overdrive all the time, develop a step-by-step procedure for clearing out this extraneous mental clutter.


Better still, build a template for your strategy in your project management software and use it across all of your projects. This will save you time and effort.



You may free up your mind from having to remember or worry about the specifics of each job by organizing the information in a framework. This should free up some mental space for you, allowing you to resume your creative thinking.

Refresh Your Knowledge of Web Design Principles


In the process of coming up with fresh web design concepts, it’s tempting to become hooked up on their novelty. However, no one has ever suggested that a website must be completely new in order to be good.


In fact, there’s a web design concept dedicated to this topic. According to Jakob’s Law, “Users spend the majority of their time on other sites. To put it another way, users desire your site to operate in the same manner as all the other sites they’ve previously visited.

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You should examine the fundamentals of good user experience (UX) if you find yourself obsessing with the novelty or experimental nature of a website you’re working on. With this approach, you’ll get back to the basics and then add creative touches if they make sense at the time.

The Latest Design Trends to Consider


Spend some time investigating recent design trends if you’re having difficulty moving forward after creating a solid foundation for your website.


Keeping up with the latest web trends can be difficult, as the online landscape is always evolving. To know what might happen if you start exploring them, you have to open your mind to possibilities.


Additionally, you’ll see actual instances of how these trends are now being implemented on other websites.

Take a Closer Look at a Single Aspect


Is Hick’s Law anything you’ve heard of? Using this web design idea can be beneficial to you as well. That “the number and complexity of choices increases the time it takes to make a decision”


If you’re dealing with anything right now, this is just as pertinent to how you display options on a website. Too much information can make it difficult to come up with fresh web design concepts.

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Web design processes can be helpful in this regard. However, you have the option of narrowing your focus even more.

Go Mobile Instead of Desktop


As per Mediaone, If you’re feeling constrained by the amount of room you have to work with, there is another option.


Switch to a tablet or smartphone if you usually begin designing on a desktop computer. Alternatively, if you’re used to working on a smaller screen, you can move up to a desktop computer.


If you can’t decide how to format the text on the page, this can help you out. The length of a header or paragraph can be difficult to gauge on the desktop.


As a result, it becomes clear that more can be done to improve the readability and flow of a website when it is viewed on a smartphone.

Investigate the Unexpected


Some people feel trapped on a website because they haven’t discovered the right design for it. If you or your client wants to loosen anything up, try going to the extreme rather than making small changes to the original idea.


To get around this problem, you may need to look at things from a different angle and repurpose them to fit your needs.

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Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Sites with one or more pages
  • The use of photographs rather than illustrations
  • Typography of the present against that of the past
  • Text versus image-heavy design
  • Analogous colour schemes vs. monochromatic ones


There is animation and then there is nothing. If you’re working on a website makeover and aren’t quite sure what to attempt next, this could be a handy troubleshooting method.

Work on the Other Websites


Narrowing your focus as a web designer has numerous advantages. When you’re first starting out, it’s simpler to establish yourself as a top-notch web designer if you target a certain audience.


As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about learning the ins and outs of every type of website you could be required to design.


It’s normal to worry about running out of innovative ideas when working on the same types of sites over and over again. You can get unstuck if you take on a project that isn’t in your area of expertise.


If you’re feeling exhausted, you don’t have to make a radical change to your business model.


Challenge yourself by taking on an additional assignment or two. Getting out of your comfort zone can do wonders for reinvigorating your creativity in your day-to-day employment.

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Consider Attending a Seminar or Watching a Tutorial


There is nothing worse than being bogged down in a project because it’s too difficult to build out or you don’t know how to accomplish it.


It’s better to wait until someone else comes up with a solution than to keep using the same painful or fruitless way over and over again.


Many design problems and impediments can be solved on the internet, even if you didn’t anticipate anybody else to have encountered them.


Use Google to get an idea of what’s out there. StackOverflow and perhaps Reddit could be useful. Courses and tutorials on Youtube, meanwhile, are much more helpful.

Web Design Ideas to Overcome a Designer’s Block


As a professional web developer, you’re bound to get stymied from time to time. However, instead of stomping your feet and hoping for the best, try something new.


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