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Why MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting service is Best for Growing Websites?

No matter how interactive a website you launch, you get complete satisfaction only when you host it with the right web hosting service.

The web hosting service you choose has an impact on your website.

Witnessing the growth of your website is one of your targets. If you are getting thousands of visitors a day and keep expanding Developing a website is a big task, and maintaining is even bigger. We specialize in making the maintenance of your website, cheap web host options like shared hosts are not a reliable option for you. It is because it does not meet your website scaling requirements.

Thus, you need a high-performing customizable server that can meet the growing requirements of Developing a website is a big task, and maintaining is even bigger. We specialize in making the maintenance of your website. VPS hosting is a good option in this scenario.


In Next-Gen VPS web hosting, you do not share server resources with other users. Thereby, server resources are dedicated entirely to a single user. If you are looking for the best VPS hosting provider in the industry, I suggest you to go with MilesWeb.


MilesWeb is a leading web hosting company from India serving thousands of customers worldwide.


MilesWeb’s VPS hosting servers are the best way to meet the growing website of emerging businesses with good web traffic. In this article, let us discuss why they are so beneficial for scalable websites.

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How is VPS Hosting Servers from MilesWeb Ideal for Growing Websites?


MilesWeb offers the best features with its VPS hosting plans that make them ideal for growing websites.


Administrative Control

With MilesWeb’s VPS hosting server plans, you get complete administrative control over the VPS server. By taking control of the server, you can make relevant changes in the configurations of the VPS server. Besides, users can securely access and transfers files and get full root access with virtual server. Additionally, you can install the software applications of your choice on the server. Hence, there are no performance issues due to no external interference of users.


Higher Performance Due To SSDs

The performance of a website is a vital factor to consider. With SSD storage drives, you get super-fast speed to your websites or applications. Shared hosting servers have a restricted configuration option. Taking the example of MilesWeb’s shared web hosting plans, the basic ones start with Rs. 60 with only 1 GB SSD. However, when you upgrade to VPS hosting plans, the range of SSDs you get is between 50 GB SSD to 500 GB SSD. It is a fact that high-capacity SSDs will give you a swift browsing experience on your websites.

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High Availability of VPS servers

MilesWeb’s VPS web hosting servers are virtual and powered by KVM. Due to which websites are 24X7 online for your visitors. Their VPS servers provide guaranteed 99.99% uptime. It’s due to the highly robust server infrastructure, Tier-4 data centers. If your website is available at all times, the chances are higher visitors will stay on your website for a longer time. Therefore, it becomes an ideal option for businesses expanding their brand worldwide.


Managed support 24×7

Put, if you are running a product-based website, then 24*7 technical support is crucial to your overall success. Resolving technical glitches and fixing loading errors of websites is a big obstacle nowadays. If ignored, consumers will bounce back from the website, which will hamper the website’s growth. However, with MilesWeb’s VPS hosting server, website owners  do not need to worry about technical hitches occurring on the server.


This leading web hosting provider will provide server support like installing applications, daily updates, and optimization. They will not leave you in the hands of a bot but provide live tech support via email or chat. MilesWeb will take care of software and VPS server hardware while providing managed support 24×7. You get the best support from their technically proficient team.

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No More Noisy Neighbours in VPS servers

In shared hosting, the server resources are shared among many users. However, with MilesWeb’s VPS hosting servers, resources are dedicated to a single user only. Hence, if one user runs a resource-intensive website with massive traffic, fewer resources are available for others to use. So, there will be no slow loading time to make websites stagnant. Although their physical server resources are shared among users, it contains different virtual servers with guaranteed bandwidth, CPU, and memory dedicated to a single user only. Thus, there is no room for noisy neighbours.


Enhanced Security for You & Your Visitors

Potential security threats in running any online portal are inevitable. According to 2019 reports, cyber-attacks were flagged as the top five risks to global stability. Hence, users need to comprehend the requirement of website security and the growing business. With VPS hosting servers, securing data of websites is easy because all web projects on them are SSL encrypted. MilesWeb provides free SSL encryption that offers complete security and protects your website from potential data breaches.


About MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting Plans

MilesWeb offers VPS hosting services for Windows OS, and Linux. In this, 10 Linux VPS hosting plans are available. Moreover, six VPS hosting plans are available for the Windows OS.

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Refer the image below to know more.

(Linux VPS hosting plans)


To Conclude

MilesWeb offers reliable VPS hosting services for growing websites looking beyond shared hosting. In this hosting server plan, users get fast SSDs with processing cores for the best speed and performance. MilesWeb’s VPS servers are more secure, easier to upgrade, and are managed for you 24×7.

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