YouTube advertising , the modern way of Marketing.

Most of the people doing online business are aware of the widely used advertising methods, such as Google ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, and other PPC networks. YouTube is also a major platform where advertising can bring in great results and conversions. You get great return on your investment because the trend is changing, these days people prefer more visual content than textual.

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What are the benefits of advertising on YouTube?
  • YouTube is owned by Google and its the second largest search engine after google search.
  • YouTube is the most popular social media platform where people watch almost 5 billion videos every day.
  • 18000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every Hour.
  • YouTube has revealed its most recent viewing figures, which show that a billion hours are spent on the video streaming site each day.
  • A large number of People watch videos on YouTube about products and services to make their purchasing decisions.

What separates YouTube advertising from other types of ads?

Its possible to target your audience based on their location, gender, language, and interests.
Videos have a better connection as compared to other advertisements. Study says that user may click on the “Skip” button but they still remember which brand it was.

YouTube ads appear on all devices from mobile to desktop. YouTube advertisement can be easily integrated with google ads. YouTube advertisement brings in targeted and interested leads to your site or business location. YouTube ads are easy to manage in terms of technicalities and budget. The part is that you get an in depth analytics of how people are responding to your videos.

Video Script Writing

We have in house script writing team. We write beautiful and targeted content for your videos.

Video Title Research.

A Part of Video SEO, We create engaging and Catch titles.

In house Video Production

Our in house studio helps us stay updated and quick with our video editing & production process.

Animated Videos

We specialize in Animated and Explainer Videos.

Video Marketing

We deliver best ROI with our YouTube Marketing Strategy.

Video SEO

Our Talented video marketing team is capable of ranking videos higher on YouTube and other search engines.
You can connect with your targeted audience in 3 ways.
Lets talk about the Different Types of YouTube ads.

1: In-stream ads,

Viewers have the option to watch the entire video, or to “skip” after 5 seconds. There are no limits for the duration of ads, but advertisers will be charged only if the user watches the video clip for at least 30 seconds or entire.

2: In-display ads,

Viewers have the option to click on your ad. The advertiser pays only when a user opens and starts watching the video.

3: In-search ads,

your ad appears in the search results during the search.

How YouTube charges for the ads ?

CPM (Cost per mile) – Payment for 1000 ad impressions.
CPV (cost per view) – Payment if the user has viewed the video until the end, or for at least 30 seconds.

Why you must use YouTube advertising?
  • Youtube is the worlds 2nd largest search engine and Social platform for displaying video content.
  • Youtube is the most visited site in the world.
  • Over 5 billion video views per day.
  • Every hour Youtube gets an upload, up to 18000 hours of videos.
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What advantages you get with Youtube advertising?
Your advertisement costs are not fixed. The costs per click depends on several factors:

  • The keywords selection for your campaign.
  • Campaign settings (location, age, gender, interests, categories, themes …)
  • Click Thru Rate – the percentage of clicks compared to the number of views.
  • Bid (bid CPC or CPM) final request for a particular keyword.
  • Bid (bid CPC or CPM) final request for a specific website.
Services that we offer for growing your reach on YouTube.
  • Creating of Youtube advertising Campaign.
  • Creation and Optimization of Advertisements.
  • Tracking and optimization of campaign results.
  • Analytics and regular reporting.
  • Marketing Consultation and support.
  • Video Script Writing.
  • Video Editing.
  • Video Creation.

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